Expedition Team:  Jacque Kelly, Dave Miller                                                                                    Expedition Date:  April 2018

The week we were in Athens, twice Jacque and I hiked a wooded trail, one of Athens seven hills called Mt. Lycabettus. It was a 908 foot hike up the moderate to strenuous trail to the summit where the Chapel of St. George and a restaurant were located. Photo#1 shows a unique modern art of a person jogging and in the top right corner is the Chapel way up on top of the mountain.  Photos#3 & #4 show Jacque leading the way up the mostly wooded trail.

The Chapel of St. George sits atop the summit of the trail which is the highest point in Athens.  The whitewashed Orthodox Chapel, built in the 19th century, has a beautiful bell tower (Photo#5) and is surrounded at the base by pine trees.

On one morning hike I helped a 90 year old woman clean up the grounds around the chapel. On the second hike Jacque followed (stalked) a group of soldiers who, twice on a daily basis, made the trek in order to raise and lower the Greek flag by the chapel (Photo#6).

I have to admit, by the bell tower on the summit you have the best panoramic views overlooking all of Athens (Page #7 & #8).

Discovered an ancient olive tree on the hike down (Photo#9). We had to stop and could not cross the street to our hotel as a half mile log group supporting the communist party protested down the street because USA had just bombed Syria. Our hotel was in lock down since many Americans were staying there.  Surprise – on the hiking trail we ran into Hall of Fame Horror Movie Host “The Creeper” who was also vacationing in Greece (Photo#11).

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