Expedition Team:  Dave Miller, Matt Miller, Tom Reed, Kalen Gordon, Shaneen Reed

Investigation Date:  May 2008

This was our first investigation at the hospital

HISTORY: Opened in 1926, Waverly Hills was considered the most advanced tuberculosis sanatorium in the USA. With no TB cure, many barbaric treatments were performed. Thousands of patients died here. See Investigation #2 for more history and claims.

CLAIMS: apparition of doctor in white lab coat on first floor; second floor – sounds of doors closing, footsteps, whispers, smell of cooked food, the ghost of Ralph a former maintenance man is seen on many floors.

THE INVESTIGATION: Our group split up and investigated all five floors and the Death Tunnel or Body Chute.

OUR FINDINGS: This was our first investigation at the prison. We investigated from 12midnight to 6am. The Ghost Hunters TV Show did a live investigation here the year before. Matt was 17 years old.  Matt went down one dark hallway and I would go down a parallel dark hallway.  Very scary.  In one room Matt & I did EVP work. We asked the ghost to move the hanging electrical outlet (Photo#5) . As we exited the room Matt said look. I turned around and the outlet on the cable was swinging.

On the second floor as we walked past an abandoned elevator shaft, we heard a distinct growl. In a third floor patient room doing EVP’s, we were asking the age of the patient. Playing back the tape recorder we heard “37”. We were investigating on the fourth floor at 4:20am when a thunderstorm with lots of lightning rolled in making the sanatorium even more creepy. We met the WH house cat named Spirit (Photo#8).

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