Expedition Team: Dave Miller, Matt Miller, Shane Miller, Jim Hall, Paula Cox

Investigation Date:  August 4, 2012

HISTORY:  Opened in 1926, Waverly Hills was considered the most advanced tuberculosis sanatorium in the USA. With no TB cure, many barbaric treatments were performed. Thousands of patients died here. See Investigation #1 for more history and claims.

CLAIMS: ghost of child named Timmy on second floor; tall apparition of man at Room 235; ghosts of children Mary & Bobby on third floor; disembodied voices, sounds of doors slamming, female shadow figure walking through a wall. See Investigation #1 & #2 for more claims.

INVESTIGATION: Our third investigation to Waverly Hills.  Most of us were wearing our black “POOP” Paranormal of Ohio Professionals t-shirt which was a big hit wherever we go. We investigated all five floors and the 500 foot long Body Chute Tunnel. The Body Chute passageway down the hill was used to ship bodies of the deceased out so that the living patients wouldn’t see the depressing scene of the constant parade of hearses arriving to remove the dead.  I concentrated on the first floor morgue, autopsy room, cooler and holding rooms.  I also spent a lot of time in Room 502 (Photo#4) where a nurse who had TB, was pregnant and was not married jumped from a window.

FINDINGS: Jim saw black shadows moving on the second and third floors. At one time Jim thought he heard someone walking on the floor above.  All of our group was with him at the time.  In the autopsy room I got an EVP that sounded like “lung hurt”. Shane thought he saw a walking shadow figure coming down the stairs from the second floor and walking across in front of him.  Both he and I quickly walked down parallel hallways and saw no humans to debunk the sighting. In the Body Chute Tunnel, we were laying on the steps in the dark(Photo#5) and heard a couple of footsteps coming down toward us in the dark.  Matt and I turned and snapped photos (Photo#6)  but no one was there.




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