ARCHES NATIONAL PARK – Delicate Arch Trail Moab, Utah

Expedition Team:  Dave Miller, Rosie Miller            Expedition Date:    September 22, 2019

On the main park road we passed famous natural sandstone formations named, The Three Gossips (Photos #2 & #3), The Cathedral (Photo #4) both rising over 4,400 feet high and  Balanced Rock (Photo #5) which weighs 3,577 tons.

We arrived at the strenuous trail to Delicate Arch and ascended 480 feet up a steep slickrock slope (Photos #6, #7 & #8).   The view from the summit was incredible (Photo # 9 & #10).  It was hot, the rocks were slippery in places and was quite a challenge.  Nick & Jacque made the same trek to the arch earlier in the year but we were running out of daylight and didn’t get to make the final mileage to the arch.  On the way down we viewed Ute rock art and an old pioneers cabin. One of the most common wildlife sightings were huge ravens.  The final two photos were the trail restroom.  I had seen this type of restroom before in Greece but this is the first one I saw at a National Park.  You sure have to be a good aim to succeed.

Afterwards we had a delicious Italian dinner in Moab and the next morning attended Catholic Mass at the small St. Pius Catholic Church.

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