Expedition Team: Dave Miller, Rosie Miller       Expedition Date:   September 23, 2019

This national park looked like a smaller version of the Grand Canyon. We hiked the four mile Cliff Overlook Rim Trail & saw where the Colorado River and the Green River converge in the canyon.  We rested on a ledge at Grand View Point Overlook (Photo #5), had snacks and absorbed the majestic beauty.  Rock cairns marked our trail and we periodically added rocks to each cairn (Photos #6 & #7).  We saw lots of ground squirrels and what looked like prairie dogs. Another trail took us to Mesa Arch, Candlestick Tower & the Woman Washing Arch (Photos #8-#11), all natural sandstone formations. We searched but had no luck finding the elusive western Jackalope, half rabbit-half antelope. But of course we saw many ravens keeping an eye on us in case we don’t make it out.

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