BRYCE CANYON NATIONAL PARK – Rim Trail Bryce Canyon City, Utah

Expedition Team: Dave Miller, Rosie Miller            Expedition Date:   September 25, 2019

Of the five Utah National Parks we visited on this trip, Bryce Canyon NP was the most beautiful.  We hiked the 7 mile Rim Trail.  The trail had several steep elevation changes but every quarter mile we hiked as we looked down into the canyon below, every sandstone formation or hoodoo would change colors depending how the sun struck it.  Most of the color formations were breathtaking.   AIligator Rock (Photo #8) was a neat nature formation.  I took some photos of prairie dogs which turned out to be chipmunks (Photo #9)   Several trails led down into the canyon including our horseback riding trail that we did the next morning.

That evening Rosie treated me to elk chili dinner at Bryce NP Lodge for my 64th birthday.  Delicious!

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