BRYCE CANYON NATIONAL PARK – Rainbow Bryce Canyon City, Utah

Expedition Team:   Dave Miller, Rosie Miller      Expedition Date: September 26, 2019

After hiking all day we returned to Bryce Valley to our KOA Campground at Cannonville fifteen miles away. We encountered our first rain on the trip which produced an incredible double rainbow.

I felt God was protecting Rosie & I on our trip as this beautiful double rainbow looks like it ends right over our travel trailer at the campground just outside Bryce Canyon National Park in Utah. Today marks the one year anniversary when I entered the hospital for 34 straight days as my leukemia cancer came back. After five months of treatment God blessed me as I went into remission and had the opportunity this year to take this 30 day trip as well as attend my oldest son and my youngest daughters weddings.

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