ZION NATIONAL PARK – Kolob Canyon Trail Utah

Expedition Team: Dave Miller, Rosie Miller         Expedition Date:   September 27, 2019

The first day we hiked the northern or Upper Zion Park area called Kolob Canyon. The 4.5 mile Taylor Creek Trail, one of my favorites, had beautiful scenery and 46 creek crossings.  We viewed a circa 1930 pioneer log cabin called Larson Cabin (Photos #4 & #5).  The trail was so isolated we felt a sasquatch or a mountain lion would step out at any time.

At the Visitor Center we found Zion NP shirts at very reasonable prices and I bought a new sort of Indiana Jones hiking hat.  I was looked at a small travel trailer in the parking lot and before you knew it Rosie was talking to the single old lady, praying and exchanging phone numbers. The woman was from Canada traveling by herself and camping in four states.  She is so good making friendships to strangers.

We camped at the Cedar City, Utah KOA about 20 miles north of Kolob Canyons.  Cedar City is home of Southern Utah University. It was the beginning of fall classes and they had a nice fireworks display near the KOA. In town I pulled up behind a truck-up truck hauling a four wheeler and a dead deer (Photo#7).   I know what they were eating for supper. Rosie found the local coffee shop called The Grind House, full of posters, antiques, coffee smells and food.

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