ZION NATIONAL PARK – The Narrows Trail Utah

Expedition Team: Dave Miller, Rosie Miller                Expedition Date:   September 28, 2019

After a 59 mile drive from our KOA campground to reach Zion NP’s southern entrance, we took shuttle buses into the park to hike 3 awesome trails. Zion is famous for incredible rock formations, high red and white sandstone cliffs.
First hike was The Narrows. A one mile hike brought Rosie & I past tiny grottos, weeping rocks, meadows of wildflowers, baby deer and hanging gardens. Leaving the trail, we walked almost a mile against the cold, current of Kolob Creek which flows through colorful, tight canyon walls. The water was not hypothermic but at 57 degrees the legs soon got numb.  In the hot summer this trek would be a real refreshing treat.  Once the water depth got waist high, we turned around and headed back. We kept an eye on the weather as a rain shower miles away would make the creek rise rapidly and hikers could drown. This famous trail is best hiked in the summer as you can go several more miles upstream and the cliffs become even more narrow but more colorful in the blazing sun.


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