Investigation Team: Dave Miller       Investigation Date:  July 2020

The Germantown Cemetery, 1177 W. Market Street, was founded in 1849 has over 9000 graves. Many early Germantown pioneers, a large number of German heritage are buried there.
CLAIMS: A ghostly soldier from the Civil War has been seen rambling around the cemetery. Why does he haunt this cemetery? Three theories. (1) The soldier allegedly died in southwest Ohio and there was no time to move his body. (2) Another story claims on his deathbed, this Confederate soldier changed his mind and wanted to be buried in a Union cemetery. (3) The soldier was from Ohio but joined the Confederate army because he agreed with their cause. After his death, his family requested that his body be buried in Ohio with his kin. The soldier know wanders the cemetery looking lost and confused.

 INVESTIGATION: I talked to a cemetery employee who has been working there for over 15 years. He works some days and evenings and has never had a sighting. He is not aware of a gravestone nor a name associated with this urban legend although there are a few civil war veterans buried in the cemetery. He said a former maintenance who we will call Nad for privacy reasons, said he had seen, on several occasions, a Civil War soldier on horseback in the cemetery.  Nad later recanted the story saying he and his son were drinking and made up the ghost story.  The soldier on horseback differs from the stories about a soldier walking around the graveyard.  Is there any truth to this urban legend?



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