Investigation Team:  Tom Reed, Kalen Gordon, Dave Miller, Shaneen Reed, Scott Golden
Invesrtigation Date:   February 25, 2012

We were invited to an old house on Notre Dame Avenue in an old Dayton neighborhood north of Dayton Childrens Hospital. According to our hosts and several neighbors there were much paranormal activity at houses in the area.
CLAIMS: Ben & Cindy owners – apparitions of a woman appeared in the upper bedroom standing next to the bed back (Photo#1) on July 20th, physical contact as wife took the laundry out of the room (Photo#2) she was touched on her rear by a ghost, in the second floor bathroom the solid glass shower door shattered (Photo#3) one night, when activity occurs, all clocks in the house are a little bit off & Ben has to reset them. In the basement, Ben turned around from his work bench (Photo#4) and saw the ghost of a small boy wearing a baseball cap. The owners are freaked out about the unexplainable goings on in the house.
INVESTIGATION: We set up cameras and tape recorders in several rooms were activity happened. We did get a small light anomaly in the upstairs bedroom (see circled anomaly in Photo#1) but no other evidence.

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