HAUNTED CHOLLAR MINE Virginia City, Nevada

Expedition Team: Dave Miller
Date:  October 2004

Established in 1858, the mine was 1,400 ft in length and 400 feet wide. Over $17 million in gold and silver were mined from there. In 1867 a cave in took the life of a miner and one of the trustees of the mine lost his life when a cage dropped. This mine did not have the tragic history as another mine just down the road but sadly still had a couple fatal accidents.  After all, mining work is dangerous business.

Paranormal claims include shadow figures seen walking in the mine, whispering voices and EVP’s captured on tape. My investigation was about 45 minutes. The old mine was quiet and creepy. I was part of the tour then was allowed to stay and investigate in a room that was once a drilling room. I did not capture any evidence during my investigation.

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