Investigation Team: Dave Miller, Jacque Miller, Holly Miller, Rosie Miller, Shane Miller, Matt Miller
Investigation Date:  October 2004, June 2005, August 2009

Established in 1867, this historic cemetery on the edge of town in home to most of the pioneers that worked the silver mines. The cemetery is sectioned off into separate areas based upon country, race or religious belief.
Paranormal claims by locals were the sighting of small lights or lanterns that moved throughout the cemetery at night as if carried by ghosts. Several apparitions have been seen.
INVESTIGATION: We visited the cemetery in the afternoon after reading about the history. They had sections for Catholics, Protestants, Irish, Scottish, Oriental, etc. During the day we obviously saw no lights nor apparitions but got an appreciation for all of the different nationalities that crossed America to work the dangerous mines during the gold and silver rush that once made Virginia City a lavish town with a population larger than San Francisco back in the late 1800’s. I have some super 8 film of our investigation. We hope to return someday as a RV campground is beside the cemetery where we can camp and do a night observation/investigation.


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