Investigation Team:  Tom Reed, Scott Golden, Dave Miller, Kalen Gordon, Shaneen Reed,
Investigation Date:     February 19, 2011.

CLAIMS: We were at the house of twin sisters that Tom worked with at Wright Patt AFB.  Both twin sisters work at Wright Patterson Air Force Base with Tom.  Both claim to have some sort of sixth sense & had paranormal activity in the house they grew up in when they were young. The sisters said their grandmother can see ghosts and if white colored they are an angel, if black colored they are a demon and if colored are a ghost. The twins have played with Ouija Board and feel a ghost was attached to one sister and came from the house where they grew up in.

At the twin sisters duplex they live in they have many paranormal claims: (1) Living Room – a kid crying, scratching & stomping coming from above in the attic  (2) Bedroom – a scream, in mirrow a person with black white skin and black eyes staring back, a person in the corner looking at her (3) Kitchen – sound of cabinets opening & closing, (4) Bathroom – see black or golden dots that float from the ceiling.

INVESTIGATION: The five of us set up in different rooms often with one of the twins with us.  One sister saw an orb, a ball of light floating in the living room.  I saw nothing and snapped a quick photo but nothing was seen in the photo.  Another time the other sister saw a golden orb by her sister but the movie film immediately shot showed nothing. We obtained no physical evidence that evening but left the door open to return again for another investigation.

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