Investigation Team: Matt Miller, Dave Miller
Investigation Date: July 1994

CLAIMS: The Pennsylvania Center for UFO Research received a report on May 20, 1992 that a resident at the base of Chestnut Ridge was at home when his dogs began barking & crying in the night. The resident picked up his gun, stepped outside of his trailer, saw red glowing eyes and a tall, hairy, black creature standing at the edge of the woods. In June 1992 another sighting took place at Screaming Hollow near Chestnut Ridge.

INVESTIGATION: Matt & I were visiting relatives in nearby Latrobe and decided to investigate. Matt & I drove to Chestnut Ridge, a part of the Allegany Mountains. Population was spare as we drove up the 1,020 foot dirt road to the top of the ridge. No one was home on the two homes we knocked at. Matt and I walked the woods and road for over an hour but saw nor heard anything unusual.  We have Super 8 film footage of our investigation.

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