Investigation Team: Dave Miller       Investigation Date:   November 2019 

I first read about this Moraine Fire Station being haunted in the Dayton City Paper. I checked with Moraine Fire Chief Dave Cooper and he knew nothing about it. Upon further investigation I discovered the Dayton Ghosthunters Society (DGHS) had investigated there in 2010 and it was a Jefferson Township Fire Station located in Moraine. Moraine annexed the area after 2010 so the township station is now located in Moraine. JTFS#2 was active in 2010.
CLAIMS: Back on November 6, 2010, the DGHS investigated from 8:30pm to 12:30am.
The station was built in two parts. The old part was built in the 1950’s. The newer part where the fire engines and ambulances are kept was built in the 1970’s. Fire staff claim to hear voices in many parts of the station. They feel like they are being watched. While in the rec room, they have heard sounds like the C rings on the backs of the fire engines being moved. Bay doors go up and down on their own – once when requested to do so by a firefighter. Walking up to the stairs to the bunk house, heard voices, felt the presence of someone. Shadow figure of someone walking in the new part have been seen. Staff have seen a full body apparition of someone dressed in the same kind of uniform that they wear (blue pants, light blue shirt). Between 2006 & 2010 there have been two deaths of high ranking fire staff. One of them I knew, Chief Larry Dalton, who died of heart issues.
DGHS INVESTIGATION: They set up in the rec room in the old part and upstairs in the bunk house in the new part. Evidence captured were two unexplained bang sounds, a footstep was heard in the bay. An EVP female voice was captured on tape.
FIRST INVESTIGATION: Dave Miller went to the station in November 2019 and took photos of the station and the nearby churches. A Montgomery County Sheriff’s Deputy car pulled up while I was taking photos. They questioned me as to what I was doing there. We talked a while. They told me they thought the station was now inactive and used for storage.

EXPEDITION#2: I telephoned the Chief who referred me to the Deputy Chief.  An interview with him is still pending.  Due to Covid 19, no investigation has been able to take place as yet.

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