Investigation Team: Dave Miller, Rosie Miller, Shane Miller, Jacque Miller, Holly Miller
Investigation Date: August 2009

Once the largest town in Nevada with a population of 30,000, Goldfield was one of the most notable boomtowns after the discovery of gold in 1904. Residents back then included Virgil & Wyatt Earp and boxing promoter Tex Rickard who went on to build Madison Square Garden in New York City. The mines yielded $86 million in gold but once the mines ran dry the town has deteriorated to today’s population of only 268 residents.
We stopped by the Goldfield Hotel built in 1908 said to be the most luxurious hotel between Chicago and San Francisco. Mining Magnate George Wingfield is said to haunt the site (you can smell his cigar smoke) as does his mistress, two people that died in the hotel, two children and a killer called “The Stabber”. Ghost Adventurers TV show had some incredible evidence from their investigation there. The hotel was locked when we stopped there. I got good photos through window and although it looks nostalgic, the lobby is a shell of its former prominence(Photo #5 & #6) in which the lobby displayed rich mahogany, overstuffed black leather furniture, gleaming gold leaf ceilings and crystal chandeliers. We just missed the annual August Goldfield Days Celebration in which the hotel is open for tours just for the weekend.
Vintage photos (Photo#1 & #2) of the town include include mohawk mine (1905), haunted goldfield and old downtown.

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