Investigation Team: Dave Miller, Rosie Miller, Shane Miller, Holly Miller
Investigation Date:  August 2009

History: Nellie Cashman operated Tombstone’s oldest restaurant (1880) called the Russ House, an adobe building housing a restaurant and boarding house. Today the same building is called Nellie Cashman’s restaurant. Nicknames the “Angel of Tombstone”, she never turned away a hungry person. She often turned the Russ House into a medical clinic to help the sick. Cashman helped in founding the first school and in building the Sacred Heart Catholic Church.
Paranormal Claims: An apparition of an elderly man in a dated suit, a “Victorian” dressed woman and a woman who looked like Nellie have been seen in the restaurant. Others report items that move by themselves, vanish or lights going on and off by themselves.
Investigation: Our family had lunch at the restaurant. Nellie’s portrait hung on one wall staring at us. The waitress told me that another waitress after closing was walking into the back room and screamed as she saw the dark outline of a woman. Holly was spooked, Jacque acted brave, I was engrossed with the history, Rosie & Shane were just hungry. Just down the street was the famous OK Corral site of the famous deadly gunfight.

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