Dive Team:  Rosie Miller, Dave Miller                Dive Date:  June 13, 2012

Rosie’s first ocean dive.  I was real proud of her.  She did real good.  Our dive site was a steep slope with large boulders covered in sponges, coral and gorgonians.  It was a beautiful, colorful reef even without large fish.  In the shallow part of the reef we saw sea horse, cleaner shrimp, a frog fish,  sea urchins, Sgt. Majors, butterfly fish, parrotfish, a crab and lots of smaller fish.  For the first time I saw bright yellow fire coral that locals call the “St. Lucia Surprise”.  It’s hand off because if you touch it, it burns for three months.  We dove about 40 minutes at a depth of 28 feet with 40 foot visibility.

Later back at the resort, we snorkeled.  I swam by a 8 inch long water snake, yellow with black spots.  I also dove down about 15 feet and brought up a couple of starfish.

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