Diving Team:  Dave Miller      Dive Date:   June 14, 2012

My 56th dive took me down 30  feet to the deck and 67 feet to the bottom of the Lesleen M.  The ship was a 165 foot freighter that was sunk in 1986 to provide an artificial reef.  It is covered with soft coral, deep sea fans, sponges and is populated by schools of juvenile fish such as damselfish, hamlets and drums.  I swam down into a large compartment and peered into holds where I could see ladders but it was pretty dark.  The West Indies water was a warm 84 degrees so I did not wear a wetsuit.  Saw a moray eel and a frogfish on a nearby reef.  Visibility was just 35 feet so the photos look ghostly.   Photo #3 shows the bow of the ship along with my air bubbles.  The final photo shows a ghostly diver in the top left. Back on the dive boat local natives kayaked over to the boat to sell the divers mango, coconuts or souveniors.

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