Expedition Team: Jacque Kelly, Dave Miller

Expedition Date: April 2018

After the 170 mile ride from Athens to the southwest slope of Mt. Parnasus, we visited the Oracle of Delphi ruins then walked a half mile to one of the most visited museums in all of Greece. Founded in 1903, the museum  contains many famous attractions in fourteen rooms including the Charioteer of Delphi (Photo#1 & #2) from 475BC considered one of the finest specimens of a 5th Century bronze sculpture.

Room #3 contained male statues Cleobis and Biton (Photo#3) sculptured around 580 BC. Room #5 contained the Sphinx of Naxos (Photo#4) and in Room 12 the Roman marble statue of Antinous (Photo#5).   We spend another hour going room to room observing the incredible statues, gold costumes and ancient weapons.   Final photo, our great non-stop explorer finally needed a nap.



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