Expedition Team: Jacque Kelly, Dave Miller

Expedition Date: April 2018

This museum houses many artifacts from the Parthenon. Archaeological excavation beneath museum (Photo#2 & #3) shows an ancient Athenian neighborhood life from 4th century BC to 12 century AD.  Walking above and looking down through the transparent floor we could see ancient streets, residences, baths, workshops and tombs.  

On other floors were sculptures and everyday objects from the Parthenon.  The Frieze (Photo#4) was 115 blocks of continued sculptural decoration depicting scenes from Greek history.  We saw 92 metopes which are individual sculptures depicting battle scenes and victories.

Jacque’s favorite were five of the six original maidens or Caryatids (Photo#6 & #7), support columns for the Erechtheion temple located up on Acropolis hill. Through a long, large window use could see the Parthenon on Acropolis Hill right behind the museum.

Walking around downtown Athens that evening Jacque made her most important archaeological discovery – buying a McDonalds apple pie made in Greece!

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