Expedition Team: Dave Miller, Rosie Miller, Matt Miller, Jacque Miller, Shane Miller, Holly Miller

Date: July 6, 2003

After watching my first Minnesota Twins baseball game at the Metrodome in Minneapolis, we traveled to Mitchell to see the Corn Palace.  Along the way we stopped by the small town of Blue Earth, birthplace of the ice cream sandwich. Standing in a field was a huge Roadside Attraction, a 55 foot tall Jolly Green Giant. Made of 8,000 pounds of green fiberglass, it was completed in 1979 and is the fifth largest free standing statue in the USA. We climbed into the base of the statue where you could pose standing between the Jolly Green Giants legs.  Matt had the movie camera and kept filming the Giant’s butt.  I found out later that the Blue Earth Fire Department would put an enormous red scarf on the giant neck every winter to keep it warm from the Minnesota cold.

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