Expedition Team: Dave Miller, Holly Miller, Justin Eller

Date: August 2017

The steamboat is moored at the downtown wharf next to Riverfront Plaza. We passed it several times as we bicycled the bike path. It has an interesting history. It was built in 1914 and originally named the Idlewild.

It is believed to be haunted by its former Captain Ben Winters who died on board of a heart attack in 1948. The Captain had the heart attack in the wheelhouse and died in the captain’s quarters. It may also be haunted by two of its workers, one who was crushed to death by machinery was turned on by accident and the other killed when the paddlewheel unexpectantly went into motion while he was performing routine maintenance. According to crew who work on the boat the paranormal activity usually takes place in the early morning hours.

I would like to return to the Belle of Louisville and take a cruise on the Ohio River enjoying the sights and at the same time taking photos and EVP recordings. At this time the steamboat management does not offer night paranormal investigation opportunities.

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