Expedition Team: Dave Miller, Doug Saunders

Date: 2015 & 2016

Twice I was invited to join Doug and his friends to go walleye fishing on Lake Erie. The first charter boat trip we caught our maximum amount which was 36 walleye (six per person).  The Captain constantly kept track so we did not float over and fish in Canadian waters. The second trip we fished for 7 hours total and caught 42 sheephead and white bass (the white bass was tough but still good eating) and 26 walleye.  For about 30 minutes we fished about 1/2 mile out from Perry’s Victory & International Peace Memorial (Photo#4) on Put-In-Bay Island. The big prize was catching a 10 pound, 30.5 inch trophy walleye.  We took our catch to a local fish cleaning building which was the worst smelling place I have ever been in. But they cleaned and packaged the fish for us and I had lots of fish to take home and eat for weeks.

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