Dive Team: Rosie Miller, Holly Miller, Jacque Miller

Date: 2012

As part of the week-long Disney Cruise Trip from Texas throughout the Caribbean, the ship spent a day anchored at Grand Cayman Island. The girls took a bus to a boat then to a location where they could feed and pet and even kiss large stingrays in shallow water. After many initial screams by Jacque as the rays swam in and out of their legs they got to hold and feed squid to the rays.  Later they snorkeled (Photo#3) and watched the rays below. Rosie said they had a great time and felt one with the rays while snorkeling in their habitat.

They left to visit a turtle conservatory and then off to “Hell”, a group of short, black limestone formations (Photo#4) about the size of half a football field. The formations were jagged, spongy looking and gave you an impression of what hell might really look like.

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