Expedition Team: Dave Miller, Shane Miller, Debbie “The Orca” Miller                                      

Investigation Date:  November 24, 2010

I remember running the St. Augustine Half Marathon with Holly and we could see it majestically standing above every other building in the distance. 

History: The lighthouse was built between 1871 and 1874 and the Lighthouse Keepers House in 1876. The lighthouse is 165 feet tall, has 219 steps to reach the observation deck and the lens is 9 feet tall. Paranormal Claims:  When TAPS (Ghost Hunters TV show) investigated the lighthouse they got the famous video footage of a shadow leaning over the spiral staircase and jerking back. The entity triggered a motion sensor at the top of the lighthouse stairs but no one was there.  The lighthouse and grounds are haunted by two daughters of a man who was doing renovation to the lighthouse. They were accidentally killed during the construction when they climbed into a heavy cart which rolled into the water. One girl can be heard laughing in the top stairs of the lighthouse while the other daughter has been seen floating in her blue dress around the grounds. The smell of cigar smoke attributed to a former keeper and the apparition of another former keeper killed when he fell painting the outside of the lighthouse has been seen or smelled.  In the keepers house, chairs move and an apparition of a tall man has been seen.                                                                         Investigation: When we got the tour by the guide, Deb hung on to my arm so tight she almost pulled it out of the socket.  In the lighthouse, Debs said, “If someone was on the landing as I walked up the stairs I would have had a heart attack”.  In the keeper house Deb said,” If I saw an entity jump out I would have had diarrhea in my friggin’ jeans”.  On the trail outside a sign said beware of spiders and scorpions. She was scared at the beginning but at the end she was mad that the ghosts hadn’t come out. Shane ascends the lighthouse stairs (Photo#2). Shane and I took lots of photos and EVP’s (Photo#3 & #4) but got no evidence. It was spooky and fun climbing the lighthouse steps.

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