Expedition Team: Dave Miller, Rosie Miller, Jacque Miller, Matt Miller, Holly Miller, Shane Miller

Date:  1987 & July 16-19, 2005

We camped at one of the Yellowstone NP campgrounds. Yellowstone Park is often called “Otherworldly on Earth” due to its diversity of terrain. Yellowstone was America’s first national park and spans over 2.2 million acres with 900 miles of hiking trails.  It sits atop a dormant volcano and is home to more geysers and hot springs than anywhere in the world. About 50% of the world’s hydrothermal features are here. 

We visited the NP Lodge and nearby Old Faithful geyser (Photo #1) which erupts every 35-60 minutes and shoots water over 80 to 160 feet in the air discharging 10,000 gallons of water each time.  The geyser’s water temperature is hot stuff – 204 degrees! Driving around the park we came around a curve and stopped as a large herd of over 150 buffalo slowly crossed the road and passed by our van. We saw buffalo of all sizes.  Later, the kids loved the boiling, colorful but stinky sulfur hot springs and mud pots. We saw a lone buffalo resting a short distance away. Back in the van we drove and enjoyed the alpine rivers, lush forests, canyons and animals.

Rosie and I first visited Yellowstone Park before we had kids where I have great Super 8 movie footage the majestic Yellowstone Falls (Photo#9), the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone River.  Photo#8 is a nostalgic black & white photo of Old Faithful taken by my mom in 1946.

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