Expedition Team: Dave Miller, Rosie Miller, Jacque Miller, Shane Miller, Holly Miller

Date: August 16, 2009

Taking a break from hiking we rented horses and mules and enjoyed a two hour scenic ride viewing ancient trees and breathtaking overlooks.  We traveled a wagon path followed by early pioneers. The path was a gentle incline and we crossed several creeks. My mule was named “Big D”. Shane’s mule was named “Grizzly”. Jacque rode a mustang horse. One of the mustangs in our group was once rode by actor Kevin Costner in a western movie. Half way through the ride we had some excitement. I was on the fourth horse from the front (the rest of the family behind me) and I saw a black bear cross our path in front of our guide and then walked parallel to us in the woods to the left. I couldn’t get my camera ready fast enough to take a photo but fortunately our horses and mules did not spook.

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