Expedition Team: Dave Miller, Matt Miller, Holly Miller

Date: September 1996, September 30, 1997, October 1998, 2009

When we spend a week at our time share condo at Ormond Beach we often drive south seven miles just past Daytona Beach Lighthouse Museum on Ponce Inlet where the Critter Fleet Fishing Boats on are docked. These are group charter fishing boats as about 20 to 25 people deep sea fish at one time. For the half day charter we travel 10 to 20 miles from shore. The crew provides us slimy, cut up squid. We put a piece on our hook and drop it overboard until it hits the bottom of the ocean. Matt enjoyed fishing from a young age & went with me every time. Matt’s best outing was catching 11 grunts and snappers. I caught 6 grunts that day but let a large dolphinfish off my hook when it swam under the boat. Holly joined us once and although she got sea sick, she caught a beautiful four pound red snapper.  My last charter in 2009 I caught 9 yellow striped grunts. On a different day fishing on the Inland Waterway, while pelicans constantly tried to steal shrimp bait from our shrimp bucket, Matt caught an eight inch jewfish (Photo#4).

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