HAUNTED ST. FRANCIS INN St. Augustine, Florida

Expedition Team:  Dave Miller, Rosie Miller

Date:  October 14, 2011

This quaint Inn was founded in 1791 and is located in the heart of Old Town near America’s oldest street.  The Inn has an interesting history. Back in 1855 the nephew of the owner shared his affections with a black servant named Lilly. When his strict family found out they stopped the love affair. The nephew took his own life on the third floor. Legend has it that Lilly never got over his love and is never at peace roaming the Inn hunting her lost love.

Her apparition is sighted in her room, on second floor hallways dressed in white or around the Inn. Guests have heard whispering moaning sounds, seen a hand on the stairs railing, or heard objects fall or objects moving. Women guests have awoken in the morning to find the contents of their make-up bags scattered around.  

After a delicious dinner of fish and chips and shepherd’s pie at a nearby British Pub, we walked through America’s oldest city and then headed back to the Inn. We spent the night in a room on the second floor. Later, after midnight I walked the halls taking a couple EMF recordings and taking photos. I spent most of the time on the second and third floors. The hallways were spooky and the old floorboards creaked.  I did hear the floor creak once about 15 feet down the hall from where I was sitting but no one was there. One time I almost screamed like a Barbie as the Inn’s black “house cat”, who roams everywhere, silently came up behind me and rubbed against my leg. Below are photos of the window of Lilly’s room (Photo#2) and of the hallway (Photo#1) where many paranormal reports occurred. On this night I did not gather any evidence nor had any brush with the supernatural but staying at the old Inn was a nostalgic experience.

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