Expedition Team: Dave Miller, Rosie Miller

Date: 1987

Night came twenty miles from the North Rim on State Route 67. As dark took over, we saw hundreds of eye shine – deer on or near the road. We had to slow down to not hit them. We eventually arrived at the large North Rim Lodge built in 1928. It had rooms & Adirondack chairs you could sit in on the porch and view the Grand Canyon.  Nearby were over 120 individual cabins. We stayed in a simple stone and wood pioneer cabin that had a double bed. This was a small village compared to the much larger South Rim village. We hiked down Bright Angel Trail (the same trail that we hiked down on the South Rim side) about two miles and came back up. Hiking Bright Angel Trail 21 miles over 2 or 3 days will get you to the South Rim of the canyon. Driving around is a 210 mile trip taking about 5 hours. The canyon view on the north side was beautiful and slightly different than the south side. Since the North Rim is 1,000 higher than the South Rim the next morning, we saw an amazing sunrise.

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