Expedition Team: Dave Miller, Rosie Miller

Date: June 16, 2022

An incredible, beautiful chapel made of red cedar wood trusses and glass chapel located atop a hill on 23 acres of prairie grass overlooking the Platte River Valley and I-80. Inside the chapel, water flows freely from the back to the alter visible through glass located under the floor beside the pews. The chapel was built for travelers on the interstate and especially truck drivers who could stop and pray during their long journeys. The adjacent visitor center is carved out of a hill to evoke Christ’s tomb. In the center is a sculpture representing the Holy Spirit above a pool of water. Outside along a trail was a stunning 40-foot-high stainless-steel cross with an eight-foot-tall Jesus. This was a perfect place to stop, pray and find restful peace. I randomly pulled a $10 bill from my pocket to drop in the donation jar and written on the bill was “Jesus Loves You”. What a perfect, special message to me as we continued our 43-day journey to the Pacific Northwest.

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