Expedition Team: Dave Miller

Date: June 19, 2002

The former home of French diplomat and entrepreneur Marquis de Mores and his wife Medora. Marquis founded the town and named it after his wife.  He came to establish a new kind of cattle operation. The slaughterhouse was built in the town he founded. Today, all that remains of the De Mores packing plant ruins at chimney park is the clay brick slaughterhouse chimney.

The house, built in 1883 as a hunting lodge and summer home for family and guests still stands. It has 26 rooms on its two stories and retains the European luxury of original furnishings, family artifacts and the ghost of Medora. The apparition of a female is seen in all parts of the house, and sometimes the impression of a body on Medora’s side of the bed. Tour guides and visitors report cold spots are often felt, and the sound of a person laughing is heard. Townsfolk report that lights come on when no one is in the house. I could not gain entrance on the two days we were at nearby Teddy Roosevelt National Park, but I walked around the exterior of the building and took photos and did one EVP. This house looks spooky sitting up on the hill all by itself.

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