Expedition Team: Dave Miller, Rosie Miller

Date: June 27 – 29, 2022

Drove 450 miles across Idaho and Washington passing the famous, real city of George, Washington. No joke. The state of Washington was a big milestone for me – it was the 49th state that I have visited with only Hawaii to go! Thank you, God, for keeping me alive and giving me this opportunity to see this beautiful country!

The east and central part of the state was surprisingly flat prairie with the remainder rolling hills and then mountains. We purposely skirted Seattle as this sanctuary city is unsafe since they defunded the police. Crime is up drastically and homeless people everywhere even at the dirty interstate rest areas. Gas prices were up to $5.59 per gallon. We traveled up north staying at the large KOA Campground at Concrete, Washington. North Cascades entrance was only 15 miles away. This national park butts up to Canada about 40 miles north. This park is not one of your most heavily attended national parks, yet it was beautiful with mountains, glaciers, lakes buffeted by fir and red cedar tree forests, and winding rivers converging into narrow valleys with vertical slopes. It also had dozens and dozens of beautiful cascading waterfalls. We hiked several great trails in the south-central part of the park. Plus, it is Bigfoot country.

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