HIKED LADDER CREEK FALLS TRAIL North Cascades National Park, Washington

Hiking Team: Dave Miller, Rosie Miller

Date: June 28, 2022

After passing many large logging trucks we entered the national park and drove to this area called Newhalem, a company town founded in the early 20th century to house workers building the hydroelectric project consisting of three dams and powerhouses that provide electric power for Seattle. The 1.1-mile trail began just past the Skagit General Store. We crossed a footbridge over the Skagit River next to the Gorge Powerhouse. The steep trail led us up past blue bells and other colorful wildflowers on one side and rushing water of Ladder Creek on the other side. Colored lights were hung on the trail for night hiking. We first thought we heard hikers ahead of us on the trail, but it was the whistling of furry marmots in the woods. The trail climaxed with a beautiful waterfall, one of Rosie’s favorites on the trip. Next to where we parked was the JD Ross Crypt. Ross was the pioneer engineer that brought electricity power to Seattle by his hydropower plants along the Skagit River.

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