Expedition Team: Dave Miller, Eugene Miller

Date: May 29, 1964

One of my youngest roadside attractions was Henry Mullins alias, Henry Hite appeared as a promotion for Dorothy Lane Market. Promoted as the World’s Tallest Man at 8 foot 2 inches tall, he was not. He was 7’ 6 3/4”. Still, a giant man.

When I met Henry, I was nine years old. I was scared of him and almost started crying. He gave Dad and me a glossy photo of him with his name and height.

Some Henry Mullins facts: Henry’s wife was 5’3” tall.  He wore size 22 shoe. He had 5 brothers and 7 sisters all under 5’11” tall. At age 18 we performed a vaudeville act along with a midget and a regular sized man. Hite appeared in the 1965 horror movie, Monster A-Go-Go as a tall monster. He often toured the country promoting Corn King, a meat packing company. One Google Search list had Henry Hite ranked as the 119th tallest person ever in the world just behind NBA star Manute Bol.

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