HIKING THE LEDGES RED/WHITE TRAIL Nelson-Kennedy Ledges State Park, Garrettsville, Ohio

Hiking Team: Dave Miller, Rosie Miller

Date: September 21, 2023

This precarious trail began on top of the spectacular rock formations and was notable for its six inches to 18-inch crevices that we had to step or jump over (Photo #3) or else fall five to 20 feet below. Rounding a rock formation, we came upon Minnehaha Falls (Photo #4), a small stream with a twenty-foot drops into the crevice below. Due to the lack of rainfall, there was only a trickle flowing down. Nearby was a dark cave/crevice (Photo #5) called, The Devil’s Ice Box, where temperatures were cooler. Trail markings were sometimes hard to see but it was a fun .6-mile trail.

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