SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION TRAIL Malabar Farm State Park, Lucas, Ohio

Expedition Team: Dave Miller, Rosie Miller

Date: September 22, 2023

Previously, we have been to many Shawshank Redemption movie (one of my favorite movies) sites in northeast Ohio including Mansfield Reformatory. Today at the State Park, we re-acted the scene at the cabin at the beginning of the movie. I played Andy Dufresne sitting in his car with a gun and whisky in front of the cabin while his wife was having an affair in the cabin. The cabin is called the Pugh Cabin and was built in 1938 out of old telephone poles. I also stood at a second movie site where they showed the farm at a distance.

Departing the farm, we drove to nearby Bellville where we had dinner at the Wishmaker House, an Oakwoodish, upscale restaurant where we dined outside. Rosie had a salmon salad, pretzels and wine and I enjoyed a delicious Reuban sandwich.

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