Expedition Team: Matt Miller, Dave Miller     Expedition Date: 2016

I felt I was in a Jamaica voodoo house with all of these naked Kewpie dolls hanging on the walls staring at you while I ate a delicious hamburger.  Yet this is the décor theme at this famous Roadside Attraction.  The Lima location we stopped at once had a unique feature – a car turntable.  Rather than backing out of the tight parking lot, the car would pull onto the turntable to be manually turned around.  Kewpee Hamburgs began in the 1920’s but only five restaurants remain, three in Lima.  A Kewpee Restaurant tradition is dipping your French fries in your milkshake.  Comic strip artist Rose O’Neill began drawing Kewpie’s in 1909.  Due to popularity, they began selling dolls in 1912. Kewpie’s were the most well known comic character in the USA until Mickey Mouse was created.  I recommend stopping by Lima for these mouth-watering hamburgers – just don’t get creeped out by the dolls.

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