HAUNTED HOOVER DAM Boulder City, Nevada

Investigation Team: Dave Miller, Rosie Miller
Investigation Date:  October 1 & 2, 2019

HISTORY: The dam was built to harness the Colorado River and fill southern California’s electricity and water supply. Completed in 1936 by over 5,000 men, the dam’s 660 foot thick concrete base holds back Lake Mead. Ninety-six industrial fatalities occurred.
PARANORMAL CLAIMS: A ghost dressed in overalls similar to a construction worker has been seen in one of the dam’s power houses. The apparitions mouth moves but no words come out. Another ghost is seen in the elevator possibly a worker killed instantly in 1980 when a railing broke and he fell two stories.
Loosely we claim this as an investigation. We walked across the top of the majestic dam, viewing the statues, golden doors and breath taking views. Afterwards enjoyed ice cream at the outdoor café. I interviewed two staff who told me of other workers having experiences in the power house. We did not have the opportunity to tour the bowels of the dam where the power houses were located.

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