Date: 2016, 2018, 2021

Expedition Team: Dave Miller, Jacque Kelly 

HISTORY: Originally built in 1910 as a general store, deli and with a social gathering space on the second floor, this popular restaurant on Valley Street is said to be home of original owner Sig Ksiezopolski’s daughter Chickie (believed to be the child in vintage Photo#1). As a spinster, the playful spirit launches glasses & lip balm off the bar, turns lights on and off and calls out employees names. Doors open by themselves, old time music is occasionally heard and a female figure was seen in a mirror. A second ghost named Richard, haunts the basement.

INVESTIGATION: I have contacted the manager several times but have not been able to discuss having a private ghost hunt.  Eating there several times, the waitress has allowed me to view the basement. I have taken EVP’s in the mens restroom by the mirror and also by the bar but did not get any evidence. One waitress I talked to is scared and will not go in the basement by herself. On June 12, 2021, Jacque and I interviewed waitress Natalie on the restaurant. She gets spooked out in the basement and had a frightening personal experience. Sitting with two other employees one evening she felt someone scratch her back. No one was there. Natalie saw the image of a woman in the upper window when she clocked out and left the restaurant late one night. She said a truck driver that pulls in at 4am to deliver food has seen in the window an old man staring at him dressed like he’s going fishing. Natalie said one of employees working in back heard the front door open and footsteps. He yelled “sorry not open yet” but when he turned around no one was there. This is my favorite restaurant in Dayton as I love their cabbage rolls, sausage, sauerkraut balls and turtle soup.

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