Investigation Date: 2018 & 2020

Expedition Team: Dave Miller

Library Park in downtown Miamisburg was once a cemetery known as Village Cemetery.  In 1864 Hill Grove Cemetery on E. Central Avenue was founded.  In 1884 bodies were relocated from Library Park to Hill Grove.  

In 1884 a woman was murdered at the former Library Park Cemetery site. For many days a ghost dressed in white that looked like the murdered woman returned to the site around 9pm. The ghost walked with her head bent forward as if in thought with her hands clasped behind her. Hundreds & hundreds of people witnessed her floating in the park and among the headstones. Some citizens tried to banish the ghost physically with clubs, knives and guns to no effect.  The towns people decided to dig up the graves of the Buss Family (thinking that was the murdered girl) to get rid of the ghost.  It didn’t work. Locals then exhumed and relocated every grave to Hill Grove Cemetery.  The last report of seeing the ghost was in the 1980’s but local residents believe she still haunts the site to this day.

With so many witnesses is this really true or is this just mass hysteria? I have attached an old 1880’s newspaper article and am trying to find more evidence in the Miamisburg News and Dayton Daily News archives.

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