Investigation Date: August 2009    

Expedition Team: Dave Miller, Rosie Miller, Shane Miller, Holly Miller

HISTORY: the theater was the most famous honky-tonk in the USA from 1881-1889. Entertainment include female CanCan dancers, music, gambling and plenty of booze. There were 16 gunfights and the theater has 140 bullet holes that riddle the walls. The longest poker game in western history, 8 years and 5 months, occurred here.  The poker table still stands as it was left. The theater closed in 1889 when Tombstone’s mines flooded.  The Birdcage Theater closed for almost 50 years.

CLAIMS: people claim to see ghosts of prostitutes and men in cowboy hats, and sounds of laughter, yelling and music at night.

INVESTIGATION: I was able to roam the lobby and theater for fifteen minutes taking photos and video. On this day I did not capture any evidence. This historic landmark is in excellent condition even the Bird Cage Crib Compartments with their red velvet curtains which hang from the ceiling overlooking the theater.  The “Ghost Adventurers” TV show investigated/filmed here just a few months before we arrived.

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