Investigation Date: December 2011

Expedition Team: Dave Miller

I flew to Yuma to watch my son Matt play in the Junior College Football National Championship Game. It gave me time to explore Yuma’s history and haunts. 

HISTORY: Built in 1917, this is Yuma’s oldest hotel located on the corner of Main Street in the commercial district. The hotel is restored and listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

CLAIMS: The hotel is haunted by (1) the original female owner who walks the halls at night, knocking on and rattling doors (2) a female Indian has been seen hovering over guests beds &/or moving objects (3) a teenage girl who walks down the back hall at night carrying towels.

INVESTIGATION: I did not rent a room and spend the night as I had accommodations in another hotel across town. I interviewed the day manager who used to work some night shifts.  The manager has had staff or patrons come to him telling about seeing the ghosts as per claims #1 and #3 above. He took me outside and said one evening as he was coming to work he glanced up and saw a shadowery figure behind the second window from the left (Photo#2). After beginning his shift he discovered the room was unoccupied so he headed upstairs to find the door locked and the room empty. The manager let me walk around the hotel for an hour taking EVP’s and nosing around. I would like to return another time and rent a room to do a night investigation.

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