MUFON Investigation Team: Dave Miller

Date:  January 11, 1994

Sighting Date: summer of 1974 between 6:00 and 6:30pm. Two teenagers, Dave and Charles, were walking home from a friends house at the corner of Avon Drive and Claydor Drive in Beavercreek. They heard people yelling from several houses and from a cul-de-sac. The boys looked up and saw an object in the sky. They turned and ran 15 yards before stopping, turning and walking slowly back towards the object.

The object was oval, silver-metalic in color, with rectangular windows running along the front. The object was hovering silently above a television antenna about 100 feet in the sky. The boys felt they were being watched by occupants behind the UFO windows. The object moved slowly to the right (south to north) then suddenly it was gone – shot off faster than their eyes could follow. As soon as the object was gone three jet airplanes roared past above Dave & Charles at the same height as the UFO. Witnesses claim the jets were chasing the UFO. I only question the height of the UFO and of the jet planes. The planes would not have flown only 100 feet over the house for safety reasons.

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