MUFON Investigation Team: Dave Miller, Matt Miller

Date: November 1, 1990

Case Date: either August or September 1971 or 1972 at 7:30pm made by two girls Penny and 19 year old Demi. They were leaving the library on Germantown Pike.  The sky was clear. Demi pointed and said “Do you see that?” Both girls witnessed a cigar shaped object approximately 50 feet above the ground just past the alley about a quarter mile away. Demi recalled seeing red, blue and green colored lights which flashed in a pattern along the bottom of the UFO.  The craft made no noise as it was just hovered there. The whole neighborhood was deadly silent. “We were very scared,” said Demi.

The two girls slowly walked in the direction of the UFO. The object then began a slow slant type of ascent and then took off real fats, zooming away to the southwest. They observed the object about four minutes. The two girls sat in their car for a while and then called WHIO-TV Channel 7. Adding credibility to the girls sighting, the television studio advised Demi that many UFO sightings were reported to the station that day and some were reported on the 11pm television new show.

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