MUFON Investigation Team: Dave Miller, Joe Ruscher

Investigation Date: March 10, 1989

Case Date: October 21, 1978 – At 3pm in the afternoon, Robert aged 40, was working in his front yard, looked up a saw a vapor trail in the sky. The sky was clear with one high layer of cirrus clouds. He saw a tiny ball, shiny like chrome coming from the North at about 35,000 feet. “The object turned and then flew above and on the other side of the vapor trail,” stated Robert. “It then flew east and the color turned to a flat white. I yelled for my wife to bring the binoculars”.  The UFO stopped, turned a flat gray color, hovered there for a bit – maybe a minute, then took off straight up real fast through the cirrus clouds (estimated height of 40,000 feet) and then it was gone”. The entire sighting took about three minutes.

Robert has a private pilots license and could tell the difference between fresh and old vapor trails. “The vapor trails were not new. They were getting puffy. There was no vapor trail from the object and no sound from it,” added Robert. He went on to say that a helicopter, plane or weather balloon cannot do what he saw the object do in the sky that afternoon.  He called the local television station and the station had received several other UFO sighting reports.

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